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PhilsPlace Career

easy. cosy. cool.

Three words. A feeling that unites us all. We at Phils­Place stand for our full-service apart­ments – in every way. Full com­mitment for perfect service. In the first place? Authent­icity. And that's what we look for in our em­ployees, too. In our daily work, people are always at the centre of every­thing we do, whether they are guests or hosts. To­gether we create an inter­action at eye level to identify un­complicated solut­ions.

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Kristin Oberweger

Kristin Oberweger has been with us since 2015 and original­ly worked in the bouti­que hotel business. She pulls the strings in the back­ground and makes sure that our corpor­ate identity easy, cosy and cool is practi­ced daily and pas­sed on to our guests.

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Klement Petzner-Gumbo

Klement Petzner-Gumbo originally worked in the clas­sical hotel business and has been with us since the open­ing of the Phils­Place in July 2018. Due to his previous ex­perience, he has ad­opted a very  structur­ed way of work­ing and the ab­ility to set priori­ties – esp­ecially when things get stres­sful.

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Lisa Ujvarosi

Lisa Ujvarosi has been supporting our team since the opening and since then she has taken on more and more responsibility. For the Guest Relations and Front Office she can fully demonstrate her strengths: Being flexible and maintaining a perfect overview at the same time.

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Milos Djokic

Milos Djokic joined Phils Place as Sales Manager at the beginning of this year.  His passion for hospitality dates back to childhood when his family started their serviced apartments business in Serbia. His motto is “If my guests are happy, I am happy.”

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Ivana Miletić

Ivana joined the PhilsPlace team in April 2019. Since then she has been supporting our staff and ensuring all our customers feel a warm welcome. Her soft skills – she has a talent for organisation, always has a clear view and always keeps calm – are especially useful.

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Michael Zeinlinger

Michael Zeinlinger is the engine­ering heart of Phils­Place. He already took care of the technical aspects when Phils­Place was still under construct­ion. His cur­rent tasks in­clude not only all in-house re­pairs and main­tenance, but also the safety of our guests. Read here what he en­joys every day and why guests from Greece always bring him a special joy. 

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