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Michael Zeinlinger

Michael Zeinlinger

Technical management

January 01, 2020

Michael Zeinlinger is the engine­ering heart of Phils­Place. He already took care of the technical aspects when Phils­Place was still under construct­ion. His cur­rent tasks in­clude not only all in-house re­pairs and main­tenance, but also the safety of our guests. Read here what he en­joys every day and why guests from Greece always bring him a special joy. 

Technology runs in Michael Zeinlinger's blood: maintenance of the house, minor repairs or even reconstructions – he is on the scene and coordinates the work with external companies such as painters or carpenters, when larger projects are pending. He is also there when things get dangerous: As our fire safety officer and sprinkler maintenance technician, he ensures the safety of our guests and employees and maintains the high standard of the house. 

The biggest joy during his work is at the same time his most beautiful challenge: “When you  deal with people you never stop learning, you always have to respond to the needs of different cultures.“ The diversity of our visitors from all over the world makes every day exciting for him. When guests from Greece arrive, Michael is our best contact person. Since he has lived and worked in Thessaloniki for six years he speaks perfect Greek – a great advantage when it comes to explaining the technology in the apartment.

Credit Portrait: ©Ivana Jovic
Credit Apartment: ©PhilsPlace Management GmbH, photographer: moodley brand identity, Tina Herzl & Julian Mullan

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