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Milos Djokic

Milos Djokic

Sales Manager

February 15, 2020

Milos Djokic joined Phils Place as Sales Manager at the beginning of this year.  His passion for hospitality dates back to childhood when his family started their serviced apartments business in Serbia. His motto is “If my guests are happy, I am happy.”

Being in the tourism industry for a while, he created unique experiences as the residence concierge at Vienna’s Hotel Sans Souci, an affiliate Hotel to Phils Place. Milos then joined Marriott International, where he gained his first insights in Sales Management. This large corporation with international clients has brought many benefits for Milos in his current job with us. “Prior to starting at Phils Place I was already familiar with several sales software tools, which gave me a great head start.” As Milos conducted business with international clients in English and French, he welcomes collaboration with global customers.

Milos states the special thing about his work as Sales Manager for our serviced apartments like this: “At PhilsPlace I don’t just sell a product, I convey a feeling. The feeling of being at home. This is what makes my work and this place so unique.” Milos’ customers also include companies. He says “Yes, companies prefer our great location, but the key to their happiness is our vision – Easy.Cosy.Cool – and that’s why they feel inspired when staying with us at Phils Place.”

Credit Portrait: ©Ivana Jovic
Credit Apartment: ©PhilsPlace Management GmbH

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