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business meets leisure

Bleisure: When business meets leisure at PhilsPlace

April 04, 2019

A business trip with the family. That sounds hard to manage at first. But it doesn't have to be. We not only have the right apartment offer for Bleisure Travelers, but also tips and tricks on how to easily combine business trip and family time.

What used to be a no-go until just recently has now become a trend: add an extra day to your business trip. But what do you do all by yourself when you travel? That's right, get the family on board! Bleisure is a word created from the English terms "business" and "leisure" - i.e. the combination of work and leisure. In concrete terms: After a business trip, time is planned for the family. Partner and child travel with them. We find a prime example of a successful work-life balance.

And because the Bleisure trip belongs to the whole family and not only to the adults, the PhilsPlace apartments also offer full service for young travelers: crib, nappy twister and children's toys. We have got the necessary equipment ready.

By the way: The area around PhilsPlace scores with a beautiful recreation area, which is perfect for walks. And of course there is also a fun playground to stop by. If the weather doesn't play along, we recommend a family trip to the Cineplexx on the Wienerberg in the immediate vicinity. Either way. The business trip is what you make of it. And at PhilsPlace also a little bit of: Leisure.

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