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PhilsPlace Career

easy. cosy. cool.

Three words. A feeling that unites us all. We at Phils­Place stand for our full-service apart­ments – in every way. Full com­mitment for perfect service. In the first place? Authent­icity. And that's what we look for in our em­ployees, too. In our daily work, people are always at the centre of every­thing we do, whether they are guests or hosts. To­gether we create an inter­action at eye level to identify un­complicated solut­ions.

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Ivana Miletić

Ivana joined the PhilsPlace team in April 2019. Since then she has been supporting our staff and ensuring all our customers feel a warm welcome. Her soft skills – she has a talent for organisation, always has a clear view and always keeps calm – are especially useful.

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Kristin Oberweger

Kristin Oberweger has been with us since 2015 and original­ly worked in the bouti­que hotel business. She pulls the strings in the back­ground and makes sure that our corpor­ate identity easy, cosy and cool is practi­ced daily and pas­sed on to our guests.

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Klement Petzner-Gumbo

Klement Petzner-Gumbo originally worked in the clas­sical hotel business and has been with us since the open­ing of the Phils­Place in July 2018. Due to his previous ex­perience, he has ad­opted a very  structur­ed way of work­ing and the ab­ility to set priori­ties – esp­ecially when things get stres­sful.

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Welcome Host (m/w)

Have you ever heard?

Service Apartments offer more comfort during short-term as well as long-term stays for visitors and are considered the latest trend for people who are looking for a homey feeling whilst travelling instead of a hotel feeling. PhilsPlace Full-Service Apartments Vienna at Wienerberg provides 135 apartments of that kind. Our exciting concept was also honored with a prize at the SO!APART 2019.

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