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Ivana Miletic

Ivana Miletić

Assistance & Accounting

June 01, 2021

Ivana joined the PhilsPlace team in April 2019. Since then she has been supporting our staff and ensuring all our customers feel a warm welcome. Her soft skills – she has a talent for organisation, always has a clear view and always keeps calm – are especially useful.

With every fibre of her being Ivana is a friendly and even-tempered person, who keeps track of all the operative tasks. She has great organisational skills and always maintains a clear head under pressure. A strength that she has further developed with us. What's more, she is particularly motivated by contact with people. That's why she is the right person to talk to when it comes to meeting the individual wishes of our guests, such as organizing a detailed sightseeing tour through Ivana's hometown Vienna.

As a newcomer to the „modern“ hotel industry, Ivana has thoroughly enjoyed the variety that the job has to offer. There is always something new to try and a challenge round every corner. Working with people is a passion of hers and this is reflected with the satisfaction levels of our guests. Her advice: never shy away from a challenge and encourage yourself to always try something new!

Credit Portrait: ©Ivana Jovic
Credit Apartment: ©PhilsPlace Management GmbH, photographer: moodley brand identity, Tina Herzl & Julian Mullan

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