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June 01, 2021

Three words. A feeling that unites us all. We at Phils­Place stand for our full-service apart­ments – in every way. Full com­mitment for perfect service. In the first place? Authent­icity. And that's what we look for in our em­ployees, too. In our daily work, people are always at the centre of every­thing we do, whether they are guests or hosts. To­gether we create an inter­action at eye level to identify un­complicated solut­ions.

Working in an eventful industry

Like every industry, our segment is in a constant state of change: travellers from all over the world are more and more looking for real experiences and encounters, they want to feel at home outside of their hometown. Living instead of just visiting. They look for local hosts in our staff: self-confident and competent contact persons, who offer professional help with their words and deeds. 

Why we love, what we do

You rarely find a workplace as varied as in the hotel business. Every day you meet new, fascinating and cosmopolitan people from all corners of the world. Every day we gain new insights into intercultural living and the preferences and wishes of our customers. As international as our guests are, so are we, the employees of PhilsPlace. Our team members speak a total of ten different languages. Even though each and every one of us is individual, we have one feeling in common: the passion to be hosts. This blog is a place that gives us our own space. A space in which we introduce ourselves and our daily work – and want to attract new team members. 

Do we share the same values?

We are always on the lookout for authentic people with a zest for life, who share our values. Especially important: the pure joy of providing a good service, where the guest is always the focus of our actions. Personal responsibility also plays a significant role, because every member of our small team is a contact person for the wishes and requirements of our guests. Intercultural competence and consideration for the special needs of our international guests are held high here.  

Insight instead of tunnel vision

The compact size of our team gives our employees insight into many different areas, giving each and every one of them the opportunity to make their own decisions. No matter which position you are assigned to, the know-how is always conveyed practically and directly by our employees. Whether students, career changers or hotel industry veterans – our job offers are as flexible as you are. Take a look, we are looking forward to meeting you! 

Credit Portrait: ©Ivana Jovic
Credit Apartment: ©PhilsPlace Management GmbH, photographer: moodley brand identity, Tina Herzl & Julian Mullan

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