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Coca-Cola HBC Austria visits PhilsPlace: When neighbours become partners

April 23, 2019

Coca-Cola HBC Austria says: The people who work for us are the most important factor for our success. Accordingly, we feel honored that the company entrusts its employees to PhilsPlace. What follows is the story of a sparkling collaboration.

Coca-Cola HBC Austria also has its headquarters on the Wienerberg. Directly across the street from PhilsPlace. However, we have a lot more in common than just the Triester Straße – namely a permanent partnership to accommodate training participants and other guests of the bottler.

Training Mecca Vienna

Coca-Cola HBC Austria has understood that the knowledge and experience of its employees, their individual successes and joie de vivre, form the foundation of its entrepreneurial success. For this reason, the workforce is offered individual and needs-based qualification and training opportunities.

One of the training initiatives is the quarterly Sales Academy for freshly recruited area sales managers. Participants from all provinces pilgrimage from the decentralised branches of Coca-Cola HBC Austria to the headquarters in Vienna. In a 3-4 week onboarding seminar, they are given the tools to successfully start their sales activities.

The good is so close at hand

We are delighted that the company has found a partner in us with whom the participants of the Sales Academy and other guests of the bottler feel at home. And because it is important to us to know what our partners appreciate about us, we asked why the employee from the training management likes to book with us and why the guests like to stay with us. We were told that we are

  • Uncomplicated as a business partner
    It is very important to us that we provide our clients with both virtual and personal advice and assistance. Coca-Cola HBC Austria is aware of this and appreciates that the booking process is smooth and that communication is as friendly as it is helpful
  • Comfortable as an accommodation
    How do the guests of Coca-Cola HBC Austria find living at PhilsPlace? They are "thoroughly enthusiastic about the modern ambience and variety of the Vertical Village. Whether cooking in your own kitchen or doing sports at McFIT - in the evening you will find the right relaxation program for every taste. You just feel at home here," they replied.

It needs more than a hotel

Our partner knows what they want. Particularly, when it comes to accommodating the participants of the Sales Academy there are some special requirements:

  • Proximity to the seminar location and good transport connections
    What you don't need with a full seminar plan are long travel times and poor connections to the public transport network.
  • Orientation towards longstay guests
    An apartment for the participants of the Sales Academy must offer more than an ordinary hotel room. It needs to have what you would expect from a home. After all, employees are not only there to sleep and work, they also spend part of their free time on site during their stay.
  • Flexible booking
    Approximately 3 weeks before the start of the Sales Academy, accommodation can be booked for the participants. The availability of a corresponding number of apartments under one roof must then be guaranteed. In addition, stays are often extended at short notice in order to add additional days of seminar or holidays.
  • Feeling at home
    People who move for 3-4 weeks want to feel at home there. Not only practicality is required, but also comfort and service.

At PhilsPlace, we try to bring exactly these requirements together under one roof, and we are particularly pleased that we can see from the example of Coca-Cola HBC Austria that we are able to do just that. We say thank you for the good cooperation and now we will open a bottle of happiness to celebrate a successful partnership!


Mag. Carmen Isabella Wernle

 Mag. Carmen Isabella Wernle
Commercial Capability Coordinator at Coca-Cola HBC Austria

Picture: ©DragonImages/AdobeStock

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