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Lafafi: food to make you feel fresh

November 23, 2018

Sometimes the best things are right under your nose. To be precise, just ten minutes from PhilsPlace by public transport. Here you will find fresh, feel-good delicacies cooked up daily at Lafafi. But not just any randomly chosen ingredients make their way into the pot here – the dishes, which will leave you feeling fresh, are prepared exclusively from ingredients of the highest organic quality. Guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied and put you in a good mood.

Easy. It’s hard to believe just how easy it is to get to Lafafi from PhilsPlace: the busses 15A or 7B stop right around the corner from us. Hop on. Ride for six minutes. Get off at the metro station Wien Meidling, Schedifkaplatz. Then just follow your nose for 49 metres down Wurmbstraße. Enter Lafafi. Arrive. And enjoy. Cuisine doesn’t get much more regional than this – not only in the broader but also in the stricter sense of the word: this charming bistro only serves food that has come directly from the region. At Lafafi, all the cooking is done only with seasonal, organic ingredients from local growers. And of course, a love for good food. This is already clear from the moment you order. And you can taste the difference.

In the early morning hours, the warm breakfast options will soften even the grumpiest “not a morning” person. The vegan porridge, which is made fresh every day and can be spiced up with fruits, nuts or maple syrup as desired, will guarantee a great start to the day. Lunchtime at Lafafi invites you to go on a culinary journey. To India with the curry, France with the quiche, Italy with the lasagna or Mexico with the chili. All without meat. But with plenty of energy instead. The wholesome ingredients in Lafafi’s lunch menus are sure to leave you feeling light and energized. All dishes can be enjoyed directly in the cozy-cool bistro, or taken away in appetizing packaging – ensuring that they’re just as good for the environment as they are for your health. Our Resident Manager Klement Petzner-Gumbo is convinced: he has tried out Lafafi for our guests and can highly recommend it. His conclusion: warmly recommended. Just as warm as the lunch dishes that will leave you feeling full but not stuffed.

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