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Recom Relocation Managing Partner Martine Pey: "When it comes to temporary living, it's all about the service."

March 18, 2019

Sending a worker to Vienna. For companies that are not familiar with the bureaucracy and the housing market in Austria, this can become a challenge. That's why Martine Pey, together with her partner, runs a relocation agency that supports companies in the professional relocation of their employees. She tells PhilsPlace what is important in doing so.

Residence and work permits. The search for suitable accommodation – well connected, so that the way to work is short. But close to the countryside, so that the evening run is relaxing. The selection of suitable schools for the children. Supporting the development of a social network. Helping with the selection of electricity and gas suppliers, internet providers and insurance providers. And then even more red tape. Registration slips, family allowances and registration with the health insurance company. Those who want to give their own employees a good start in their new place of residence must think of many things. Or alternatively just one thing: to hire a good relocation agency.

Together with her partner Angelika Brenner-Cecerle, Martine Pey founded a company 20 years ago that supports companies in sending workers to Vienna. Business is flourishing. No wonder, because the work factor has never been as mobile as it is today. However, this does not make the relocation – usually with the family – any less complex. Good advice is worth its weight in gold.

The Recom Relocation team knows the hotspots for temporary and permanent accommodation of expats in Vienna. PhilsPlace is one of them and we are honoured that Recom Relocation recommends us for temporary accommodation. Recom Relocation has already moved in a longstay guest for one year. According to Martine Pey, one thing is decisive during the settling-in period at the new home: the service. "Especially in the first few weeks, new arrivals have to ask a lot of questions. Where can I get a parking sticker? Are the sockets compatible with my electrical appliances? Where is the nearest gym? What cultural and leisure activities are there? ... So it's good and important to have contact persons directly in the house who can help," says the managing director.

As a full-service apartment house, you can take our word for it at PhilsPlace: We offer a full range of services. Because an apartment for longstay guests has to offer more than a hotel room or an ordinary rental apartment. It has to hold space – not only for working and sleeping, but also for living. For a new feeling of home. And in some cases, also for the family. Cosy furnished to feel good from day 1. With good connections to the public transport network. And people at the reception who not only help expats with words and deeds, but also with a smile. That is our way of saying: Welcome to Vienna!

Recom Relocation

Martine Pey and Angelika Brenner-Cecerle

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