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Sports and Travel: Fitness Tips for Business Trips

January 21, 2019

The business trip. What often is a much appreciated break from the everyday office life, does not necessarily need to be a break with your fitness routine. This is how to stay focused and balanced during your professional away-game.

Short nights. Long travels. Little exercise. On business trips the agenda tends to be tight and exhausting. It usually leaves little time for self-care and me-time. All too often the meeting marathon then replaces the morning run. And the lasagna replaces the pomegranate-quinoa-salad. Also, sitting for long periods can lead to tensions and poor circulation. The inevitable consequence: You feel sluggish, fatigued and tired. And unfocused too. Especially during business trips this is a very undesirable condition to be in. In order to stay productive, business people in particular should try to keep a healthy diet and do enough exercise.

At PhilsPlace you got your apartment, your fitness-studio and your comfort kitchen all under one roof. Only for excuses we have no space here. Because staying fit and healthy is as easy as it gets at PhilsPlace. At the recently opened McFIT fitness-studio you can leave long working days behind and relieve stress on the treadmill. And for all who prefer to take their runs outside: the Wienerberg recreation area awaits you with 117 hectares of unspoilt nature right on our doorstep. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, a well-developed, 14-kilometer-long network of paths with a variety of walking, running and cycling routes awaits. Learn more about keeping fit on the Wienerberg here.

Even for the ones whose favorite sport is cooking, PhilsPlace offers the appropriate equipment. Your apartment, thanks its Miele appliances, makes the ideal health kitchen. And all ingredients needed for your comfort food can be found directly at our in-house supermarkets Hofer and BILLA PLUS. 

We think: Business and fitness are not hard to combine, when accomodation, sports and cuisine come together under one roof. This is how we do full-service at PhilsPlace.


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