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The Art of Blind Dates

January 07, 2019

What do PhilsPlace and mumok have in common? The joy of encounter! We love to discover the colorful diversity of artworks. And there is plenty of it at mumok – the collection of the Museum of Modern Art includes 10.000 pieces by 1.600 artists. The exhibition “55 Dates” invites you to encounter 55 of them – at “Blind Dates” with Modern Art.

Life is not black and white. And neither is it a grey-shaded mishmash. It is a colorful mix of diverse perspectives, themes and artforms that coexist. From Paul Klee to Giacomo Balla, from Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol, from Anna Artaker to Marta Hoepffner – 55 Dates embraces the known and the unknown, the classic and the avantgarde, artists who went down in history and those who are yet for us to discover.

The mumok is the biggest museum of modern art in Central Europe and has always been a place of encounter with contemporary art. The kind of art that challenges long-established conventions and reveals new perspectives. Accordingly, the current exhibition looks at art history not from a conventional point of view. Quite to the contrary, 55 Dates presents a wide variety of individual tastes and interests and thereby demonstrates that art history is not an objective narrative. It is composed of and steered by distinct accents created by individual artists.

To sum up: The only similarity that the works at 55 Dates share is their dissimilarity. A powerful tribute to diversity. We like.

And by the way: The tram number 1 takes you directly from PhilsPlace to mumok in only 30 minutes. The route – passing Karlsplatz and the opera house – is an art tour in itself.


Picture: Lisa Rastl © mumok

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