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Time for us

Time for us

November 05, 2018

Love. Nothing is trickier to maintain, and nothing else is so worth maintaining. We here at PhilsPlace love love. In fact, it’s our favorite guest. Our apartments offer more than just space for you and your loved ones; they also provide plenty of room for new, shared memories.

Psychological research has shown that people in long-lasting partnerships not only feel attracted to each other in the long term, but also make sure to keep enjoying new experiences together. Routine and boredom are the most common killers of romance. Successful couples, on the other hand, manage to keep their relationship vibrant. Exciting shared experiences can ignite a new spark.

Whether it’s a city excursion, a cultural trip or a romantic weekend getaway – what’s important is regularly making time for adventures as a couple. And breaking out of the endless daily routine. So – get out of your own four walls! And experience something new. Located in the imperial city of Vienna, PhilsPlace is not only at home in one of Europe’s most romantic cities but it also offers its guests all the romantic extras their hearts could desire. A glass of prosecco, which we are happy to bring to your apartment upon request, will set you up for a sensual atmosphere. For those who like to say it with flowers, you can also order a bouquet at our reception. Particularly rosy views await our lovers in our high level apartments. Hearts are guaranteed to melt here.

And those who just can’t drag themselves out of our 5-star luxury beds by JOKA don’t have to live on love and air alone – after all, the two supermarkets BILLA PLUS and Hofer are located directly in the PhilsPlace building. In your own apartment kitchen you can create a romantic dinner for two in no time at all. Now that’s full service to fall in love with!




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