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Vienna Water

Vienna Water: well-travelled and authentic just like us

June 18, 2018

Unfiltered alpine spring water straight from the tap? Yes - in Vienna it’s possible! Flowing directly from the mountain spring in the Styrian Alps, it takes 36 hours to arrive at our apartments. Read on to find out what its journey looks like.

Pure air, lush green forests, rushing streams – this pristine region of the Hochschwab massif is where one of the two Vienna Water mountain spring pipelines originates. The source from which it is collected lies far below the earth in the innermost depths of the mountains – there it flows, far from all pollution and noise, filtered by the forest soils, limestone and dolomite rock. The mountain stone purifies the seepage water from snow and rain, and takes it on a dark, quiet journey lasting up to 40 years. As it passes through hidden rock crevices and secret chambers, the water is enriched with precious minerals and oxygen.

Finally, the sheer force of gravity carries it 180 kilometres down a natural slope and all the way to the city – without the need for a single pump. This takes 36 hours, in which the water traverses a difference in altitude of 360 metres. This current is so powerful that the gravitational energy along the course of the pipeline is even used to generate electricity. Once the water reaches Vienna, it comes to rest in one of 29 elevated tanks – Vienna’s water supply. On top of the Wienerberg hill, two containers store over 40 million litres of water.

And finally ... after bubbling up from the depths of the mountains and making the long journey to Vienna, collecting in the well and then flowing on in underground pipelines – it arrives home. Just like our guests with a brief stopover at the reception, to be precise there, a refreshing taste of pure, unfiltered nature from the Hochschwab region awaits all those who arrive. The last few metres takes the water – along with our guests – to one of the cosy apartments. You’ve made it. Welcome home!




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