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We wash intelligently

December 28, 2018

We believe that fresh laundry is not something with which you should be wasting your time. This is why, in cooperation with WeWash, we have installed a smart laundry room: digital reservations, cashless payments and notifications as soon as your laundry is done.

Anyone who has ever used community washing machines is familiar with the saga: loaded up with dirty laundry, you make your way to the laundry room – often located far away – only to discover that all machines are currently in use. If you’re lucky enough to find a free one, it’s usually at this point that you realize you forgot to bring the right coins or laundry tokens. Once you’ve finally got the washing machine started, you spend an hour wondering whether the washing’s done yet and of course by the time it is ready, you almost always forget to pick it up in time. In what seems like 100% of the cases, somebody has then rushed ahead of you and removed your laundry from the machine less than carefully, leaving it in such a state that all you want to do is stick it right back in the wash if that didn’t entail enduring the entire tedious washing process all over again. We care far too much about our guests’ time and nerves to put you through this!

That is why, together with WeWash, we have set up a laundry room that actually makes washing your laundry enjoyable! WeWash is a service that makes the shared use of washing machines and dryers easier for all those involved. WeWash can be used via telephone, website or app. Reserving the next machine is simple, secure and convenient. This makes waiting times or unnecessary trips to the laundry room just as much a thing of the past as the dispensing and collecting of small change or laundry tokens, since the payment is cashless. And this is how we wash intelligently at PhilsPlace!

More at www.we-wash.com.


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