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thermal region wine country

Where both hi­king and wine can be en­joyed: wine coun­try ther­mal re­gion

September 12, 2019

The wine country thermal region is beautifully situated directly in front of the gates of PhilsPlace. In the north the Zierfandler and Rotgipfler, in the south the Sankt Laurent and Pinot Noir. Whether white wine lover or red wine connoisseur, in the thermal region wine country vinophiles get their money's worth. The area is called "Austria's Burgundy" for a reason. Enjoy our guide for a successful excursion to the region around Vienna.

The perfect conditions for perfect enjoyment

The history of cultivation goes back to the Roman Empire. The Celts and Romans already cultivated wine in today's thermal wine-growing region. Afterwards the monastic orders proved to be pioneers in viticulture. The high nobility preferred the wine pressed here and contributed much to its popularity. "Gumpoldskirchner" and "Vöslauer" became internationally coveted brands. Not surprising: 1800 hours of sunshine as well as hot summer and dry autumn times ensure optimal climatic conditions.

A wide-ranging bouquet

The two grape varieties Zierfandler, also called "Spätrot", and Rotgipfler are typical for the region and in this form almost nowhere else to be found. The Zierfandler is derived from the Roter Veltliner and occurs exclusively in the thermal region. The autochthonous white wine is fruity, rich in extracts, delicately spicy and delighted by components of pineapple and citrus fruits, matured towards honey and dried fruits.
The Rotgipfler is a cross between Roter Veltliner and Traminer. Rich in extract and body with a delicate acidity, it contains aromas reminiscent of apricot, peach and mango. Both wines stand out with their great empathy for culinary delights and are particularly suitable as a fresh antipole for baked, fatty dishes. This makes them the perfect companions for Austrian specialities such as Backhendl (fried chicken), Wiener Schnitzel and Co. The possible combinations are manifold and should encourage you to experiment for yourself. Curious? Learn more about the culinary combination possibilities of Zierfandler and Spätrot as well as the red wines Sankt Laurent and Pinot Noir, which also belong to the four main varieties of the region.

A velvety soft finish

Not only the wine of the region attracts with its aromatic charms. The nature around the vineyards offers a varied leisure program. How about a romantic vineyard hike, for example? Or stop by one of the numerous wine taverns in Perchtoldsdorf, Gumpoldskirchen or Mödling. You can also experience the millennia-old history of the wine-growing region up close with a visit to one of the oldest wineries in Austria: In the Thallern estate, where wine has been produced continuously since the 12th century. Once you have enjoyed a few glasses of the local wine, the way back to Vienna is much easier.

We bring the regional wine directly to our PhilsPlace

In November you can immerse yourself in the pleasures of the thermal region – without even leaving PhilsPlace. What, where and when? We deliver you all information shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter here.



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