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Yoga for all times and everywhere

March 04, 2019

Maximally flexible. Not only yogis’ bodies are like that, but also the practice itself. Yoga is not limited to a 75-minute-class in a studio, nor to the space on your mat. Yoga is a practice in mindfulness for all times and everywhere. In the overcrowded subway in the morning as well as in the feelgood-ambient of the PhilsPlace Full-Service Apartments Vienna.

The Far Eastern teaching of yoga becomes ever more popular among the Western meritocracy. What many do not know, however, is that yoga extends far beyond the merely physical practice. Yoga means to practise mindfulness in everyday life. To pause for a moment of silence, instead of reacting to stimuli from the outer world right away. To observe value-free, instead of judging. To breathe deeply into the belly rather than shallowly into the upper chest only.

Yoga stands for unity. Of the inside and the outside. Of body and mind. The unifying element being the breath, which literally transfers the outside to the inside, and the other way around. This is already the key element of the physical practice. It is not yoga to force yourself into the position of the exotic paradise bird under respiratory arrest. Yoga is rather to be aware of and respect your own physical boundaries. And above all: To move with the rhythm of your own breath.

There is no better moment than right now to start. Begin by making yourself aware of your breath and consciously directing your attention to it. Does it flow softly? Or maybe a bit cramped and fast? In the next step you can combine your breath with physical movements. For that you only need a little space in a room that makes you feel comfortable. That is what we want to provide you with. A space to arrive and be mindful. Breathe with us at PhilsPlace. Namaste.

By the way: If you do not have a personal yoga practice yet, you can always practice with the help of YouTube videos. We recommend the channels of Alo Yoga or doktor yoga in Vienna.


Picture: © Alena Ozerova/Adobe Stock

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